A Reason to Donate

I received a donation today from someone who has not experienced dyslexia, but wants to help others.  Her note reads, "Please accept my donation for the Blosser Center Scholarship Fund.  I love to read and hope this small donation will help out towards helping kids who struggle … [Read more...]

Summer School is filling up fast. Do you know a child that could use a jump-start in reading, math and writing? The Blosser Center Summer School is the perfect solution. One-on-one reading help, math tailored to the student’s ability, and how to write a paragraph and more. If you are interested, email the office or call and I will send an application.

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Just Letting the Dust Settle…

Welcome to The Blosser Center's new blog and website. Please excuse us while the dust settles and we get 100% up and running with this blog. We're excited to be able to bring you news and helpful information here, so please check back soon. Thanks, The Blosser Center … [Read more...]