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The Most Popular Reading Programs Aren’t Backed by Science | Education Week

Narrowing the Third-Grade Reading Gap Research Briefing

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O-G and SWI: Complementary or Incompatible –
DTI Conference 2019
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AIM Institute

          Recorded webinar: Multifaceted Nature of Reading Acquisition: Unraveling the Reading Rope   FREE!

          Nancy Hennessy – Multi-Faceted Nature of Reading Acquisition – AIM Institute for Learning & Research

          2019 On Demand Symposium Recordings: Reading, Math and the Brain   FREE!

          2019 On Demand Symposium Recordings – AIM Institute for Learning & Research

               • Brain Imaging Studies of Reading and Dyslexia, Guinevere Eden, D.Phil.

               • Is There A Role for Cognitive Processes in Interventions for At-Risk Students with and without Learning Disabilities?  Douglas Fuchs, Ph.D. and Lynn S. Fuchs, Ph.D.

               • Fireside Chat: Translating Research to Practice: Obstacles & Opportunities, Nancy Hennessy, M.Ed. and Ron Fairchild, M.Ed.

               • Comorbidity of Mathematics and Reading Difficulties: Connections Between Reading Fluency and Calculation Fluency, Nancy C. Jordan, Ed.D.

Decoding Dyslexia California: Recorded webinar: Dyslexia and Phonological Processing 101   FREE!

Dyslexia & Phonological Processing 101 – YouTube

Reading League: Video: Beyond Blending and Segmenting: Advanced Phonemic Awareness   FREE!

The Reading League – March 14 2019 Presentation – Dr. Pam Kastner – YouTube


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