The Blosser Center Staff

Executive Director


Program Director

Summer School Coordinator:

Cathi Walker


Professional Orton-Gillingham Practitioners

Our Orton-Gillingham practitioners all have extensive training and experience using the Orton-Gillingham Approach. They are either members of the Academy or working towards membership.

Shirley Bolsinger
Jane De Haan
Emily Dossa, Associate AOGPE
Bronwen Edwards, Associate AOGPE
Julie Fleming
Ginny Hackenbruck
Patsy Homberg
Suzette Kamm, Associate AOGPE
Colleen McCormack
Marta Morris
Sarah Nolan
Jennifer Pultz, Associate AOGPE
Sarah Root, Associate AOGPE (Bend, OR)
Kathy Schumacher
Patty Sullivan, Associate AOGPE
Marianne Sweeney
Nate Voelkel
Cathi Walker, Associate AOGPE

Administrative Assistant: Andrée Scollard
Technology Assistant: Michael Sullivan
Bookkeeper: Danita Wakamatsu

Line Dividers

 The Blosser Center for Dyslexia Resources is committed to continuing the work of
Dorothy Blosser Whitehead