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Recommended Resource Centers and Books on Reading and Dyslexia



International Dyslexia Association:
Oregon Branch of the International Dyslexia Association:

Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators:

Learning Disabilities Association:

National Center for Learning Disabilities:

Understood for Learning & Attention Issues:

Hall, Susan and Moats, Louisa (1999) Straight Talk About Reading. Contemporary Books Lincolnwood, IL

Hall, Susan and Moats, Louisa (2002) Parenting a Struggling Reader. Crown Publishing Group

Hampshire, Susan (1982) Susan’s Story. St. Martin’s Press New York, NY

Lavoie, Rick; (1989) How Difficult Can This Be? F.A.T. City. DVD

National Reading Panel (2000) Report of the National Reading Panel. National Institutes of Health, National Institute for Literacy.

Schultz, Philip; (2011) My Dyslexia. W.W. Norton & Company

Sherman, Lee and Ramsey, Betsy (2006) The Reading Glitch. Rowman & Littlefield Lanham, MD

Smith, Sally; (1981) No Easy Answers. Bantam Books New York, NY

Smith, Sally; (1991) Succeeding Against the Odds. Jeremy Tarcher, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Simpson, Eileen; (1979) Reversals. Houghton Mifflin Boston, MA

Vail, Priscilla; (1989) Smart Kids with School Problems. Penguin Books New York, NY


Legal Issues – Wright’s Law:

The Advocacy Institute

Adams, Marilyn; (1990) Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA

Balmuth, Miriam; (1992) The Roots of Phonics. York Press Baltimore MD

Berninger,Virginia and Wolf, Beverly; (2009) Teaching Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. Brookes, Baltimore MD

Blakemore, Sarah-Jayne and Frith, Uta; (2005) The Learning Brain: Lessons for Education. Blackwell Malden, MA

Birsh, Judith;(2011) Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills. Brookes Baltimore, MD

Chall, Jeanne; (1967) Learning to Read: The Great Debate. McGraw Hill, Inc. New York, NY

Dehaene, Stanislas; (2009) Reading in the Brain. Penguin Group New York, NY

McCardle, Peggy; (2004) The Voice of Evidence in Reading Research. Brookes Publishing Baltimore, MD

National Research Council (1998) Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children. National Academy Press Washington, DC

Shaywitz, Sally; (2003) Overcoming Dyslexia. Alfred A. Knopf New York





Cox, Aylett, (1985) Alphabetic Phonics. School Specialty EPS, Cambridge MA

Enfield, M.E. and Greene, V. (1970) Project Read.

Gillingham, Anna and Stillman, Bessie; (1936, 1956, 1960, 1997) The Gillingham Manual: Remedial Training for children with Specific Disability in Reading, Spelling and Penmanship. School Specialty EPS, Cambridge MA

Neuhaus Education Center

Orton, June; (1964) A Guide to Teaching Phonics. School Specialty EPS, Cambridge MA

Rome, Paula and Osman, Jean; (1972) The Language Tool Kit. School Specialty EPS, Cambridge MA

Slingerland Institute

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children; (1965) Dyslexia Training Program. School Specialty EPS, Cambridge MA

Traub, Nina; (1977) Recipe for Reading. School Specialty EPS, Cambridge MA

Whitehead, Dorothy; (1993, 2006) Unlocking the Power of Print. International Dyslexia Association Bookstore or The Blosser Center

Wilson Reading System
Wilson Language Training