Academic and Cognitive Testing

We require a full diagnostic, academic and cognitive testing suite for each incoming student. This allows us to evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses in skills, memory, and processing.

The Blosser Center offers referrals for diagnostic academic skills testing for all ages. Please see our List of Recommended Educational Testers.  The Blosser Center does not perform in-house diagnostic testing for dyslexia; the appropriate testing must be done by a Ph.D. or doctoral-level Psychologist.  Public school systems can also be requested to provide this level of testing.

The Blosser Center does perform skills testing for each student we tutor (see below).

Blosser staff can help parents make sense of academic and cognitive test reports from other centers.

Blosser staff can help with educational planning.

Contact the office for more information.


Skills Testing

The Blosser Center performs skills testing and evaluations for all incoming school-year and Summer Camp students.  These tests are used by our clinical staff and tutors to map out individualized lesson plans for each student.  It is not diagnostic testing; it simply allows us to plan lessons and evaluate areas of strengths and weaknesses.

The Blosser Center conducts skill and improvement tests regularly for each student during the year.  Progress reports are prepared for each student and sent to parents/guardians or adult students.